A needle and a line of 3D flying woven uppers, light if no shoes!


Speaking of the popular shoes this year, I will probabl […]

Speaking of the popular shoes this year, I will probably think of old shoes. In the atmosphere where many people are still immersed in the old shoes, many big-name brand research and development has quietly turned their attention to flying woven shoes. Flying woven mesh sneakers The sneakers with sleek taste are very stylish. If you don’t have shoes, walk safely and feel the thrill of leaving the ground. Not afraid of athlete's foot, very handsome, with good flexibility, wear resistance and anti-slip, hot summer, good ventilation. Advantages of Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical&Electrical Co., Ltd.: 1. Embroidered leather does not hurt the skin; 2. Applicable to various covered wire materials; 3. Automatic tangent.

Special embroidery gift
Each time the gift is given to each other, it is an emotional maintenance. Women always want men to be able to make things that move them in such a moment, and men are no exception. If you want to show love, you definitely need to think. Here, we helps you to see what role our embroidery machine can play?
1 mall card
Enter the mall whether it is eating or shopping. On Christmas Day, if you send a card to your client and write a greeting, your client will remember your store. Then if you want to send it, a simple card may be thrown away after watching it, but it is completely different from a small embroidered badge on the card, because it is decorative, hanging on the bag or clothes is a good one. select.
2, couples on the table
If the wedding ring is a must for intimate relationships, then the couple must be an essential accessory to the watch. Embroidered watches, have you not touched before? A special watch for a special one (her).
3, husband and wife daily necessities
People often say that companionship is the most long-lasting confession. If you use your mouth to say it, you may feel that you will feel tired. This kind of silent expression, do you like it?
4, classmates take a group
When classmates are together, it is natural to retain that moment, recall the student era, and recall youth. Printed photos may fade, here we introduce a photo that will never fade - embroidery photos.
5, colleagues close personal gifts
Colleagues who face each day. A gift that is too expensive is not very suitable. A gift that is light and affectionate is recommended to you. Guaranteed to put it down (boys give girls a better gift).

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