A "needle" in place


As the soul of the embroidery machine, the embroidery n […]

As the soul of the embroidery machine, the embroidery needle determines the ultimate effect of embroidery. For the whole market, the embroidery needle not only needs to satisfy the extraordinary embroidery effect and the highest safety level, but also reduces the needle breakage, prolongs the needle life and reduces the jumper. Factors such as the line, but also to achieve the best results and the highest production efficiency.
 At present, the types of embroidery needles that we commonly use on the market are usually: No. 8 to No. 14, the smaller the number of needles, the smaller the pinholes, the most commonly used are No. 9 and No. 11. According to the different needle tips, it can be divided into sharp mouth, small round mouth, round mouth. Different kinds of embroidery materials should be equipped with different needles, especially three-dimensional embroidery, leather embroidery and multi-layer materials and coated technical textiles, such as:
The general flat embroidery uses the 11th needle on the thin material;
If leather embroidery is used, we need to use the 9th needle;
When performing three-dimensional embroidery, it is necessary to put a piece of Urethane (commonly known as "shoe glue") on the material, and then it can be embroidered on the shoe glue. Therefore, when using the three-dimensional embroidery, we generally use the 14th needle. The increasing speed of the embroidery machine is also a great challenge to the needle of the embroidery machine. Therefore, when selecting the embroidery needle, it is necessary to consider all aspects, select the appropriate embroidery machine needle, avoid common problems, reduce losses and improve production efficiency.
In all the embroidery effects, the three-dimensional embroidery is particularly demanding on the needle. In order to achieve the effect of the three-dimensional embroidery, the embroidery material will be covered with a layer of foam material and embroidered together. Adhesion and foam materials produce high friction, and the needle and embroidery thread are subjected to great strength, which can be solved simply by changing the needle's coarseness, so in this type of application, the embroidery needle needs Meet many requirements: low penetration force is used to protect materials; high stability, low breakage rate, precise embroidery effect, clear design precision; high wear resistance, can be said that the embroidery machine needle is directly or not Reflected in the finished embroidery, of course, the material must not be damaged, and the stereo effect should be uniform.