Buy an embroidery machine, do you really think about it?


  No matter how exquisite the skill of the embroidery m […]

  No matter how exquisite the skill of the embroidery machine masters, they all need their good helper----the embroidery machine to realize it. Its performance in all aspects directly affects the quality, efficiency, beauty and cost of embroidery.
If your home's embroidery does not require quality, then shop around for ten, which one is cheaper to buy, keep doing it, and change the new machine half a year. If your home's embroidery has quality requirements,Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical &Electrical Co.,Ltd recommends choosing a super cost-effective machine with low cost, fast return and good quality. The peace of mind of this, if you are not careful, the customer will rise.
  The embroidery factory master has been working on the front line for several years, and he has certain insights on the selection of the machine. When selecting the embroidery machine, he will always pay attention to the following aspects of performance: wire break rate, broken needle rate, wire cutting rate, precision , the degree of shrinkage of the pattern, the treading of the rice road, the luster of the pattern and the stable work efficiency.
The following, from these eight aspects to elaborate:
1 disconnection rate, broken needle rate.
 This involves the entire system structure of the machine, often not a problem of a certain component. When the average breaking rate of the embroidery is high, it is impossible for the technician to adjust a certain part to alleviate the temporary disconnection and broken needle problem. Solved fundamentally. Therefore, the embroidery machine master hates this situation. It is often the case that this kind of machine breaks the machine for bad machines, affecting emotions and affecting work efficiency.
  At present, the domestic embroidery machine has basically solved this problem in the ordinary embroidery of the car after years of development. Only when the car arrives at an ultra-thin material that cannot be padded or a super-thick cap, a three-dimensional embroidery, etc., there will be a needle tip, a yarn, a draw, a serious shrinkage, a wrinkle, a serious broken needle in a three-dimensional embroidery, etc. phenomenon. Therefore, the purchase of embroidery machines must look at its adaptability. If it is a good embroidery machine, it will be done well regardless of the order.
2 trimming line drop rate
  At present, most domestically produced machines are still lacking in this respect. First of all, the problem of materials, many cheap machines use cheap blades, when the adjustment is to repair the patch to work, the thread is not clean and there are many thread ends, the line pulls left and right to cause serious deformation of the pattern. Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical &Electrical Co.,Ltd adopts concentrated hook line and high-quality wire cutter to match the unique assembly process, which makes the hook line more precise, the thread cutting action is smoother, and the stability of the thread trimming is enhanced and the noise is reduced. The use of a new type of upper thread clamping can effectively prevent the upper thread from falling off the needle hole during thread trimming, color change and stitching, and greatly improve production efficiency and embroidery quality.
3 pattern shrinkage
  When many embroidery locomotives are thinner, it is found that the pinholes are particularly large, the pattern wrinkles are serious, and the car leather is more obvious. Take the embroidery and look back at the light. The surrounding area of ​​the pattern is all holes, and then the leather is folded down, which is almost separated from the embroidery thread. The leather pinhole of the car is small, it does not hurt the skin, and the embroidery is shiny; the thin material of the car is highly adaptable, and various thin materials do not need to be padded, save cost, and the pattern is not wrinkled and not drawn.
4 treading the texture of the rice and the luster of the pattern
  A good embroidery machine, the stepping out of the car is fine and smooth, tight and shiny. Poor cars come out with large pinholes and rough lines. The flat bag needle is also the same, good flat, smooth on both sides, and some will have canine teeth and poor gloss.
5 precision
   Now, everything says that work is good, embroidery pays attention to the precision of the pattern, the embroidery machine master often swears for the precision required by the customer, the boss orders the photo, the customer wants to pick up the goods, and at the same time, the quality is good, the machine still does not know whether it can be done. Well done. If the master has a good machine on hand, it is easy to get off work. Of course, the efficiency of going to work is even higher, and it will not be urged to turn around. A good embroidery machine, precision is an important indicator of its evaluation. When purchasing a machine, be sure to ask the manufacturer to test the precision of the pattern on the spot. The precision of Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical &Electrical Co.,Ltd embroidery machine can reach 0.1mm, Chinese 6 font, English 2mm is still clearly visible.
6 stable work efficiency
   It is usually described in terms of a stable operating speed, but in practice it should mean the average time to increase the quality of the embroidery at a higher speed and to continue working. Embroidery machine masters of course hope that the higher the better, but currently the domestic embroidery machine may not be ideal, basically kept at 800-850rpm, if it can work quite stable at this speed, it is also very good. The Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical &Electrical Co.,Ltd machine can be stable at 900 rpm for a long time and has a service life of more than 8 years. In the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of needles in the same industry. In a market where profits are getting lower and lower, I believe that you also understand what it means to be hundreds of thousands more than your peers.