Buying a second-hand brand embroidery machine, it doesn't matter if you are expensive


As the boss who wants to open the embroidery factory, I […]

As the boss who wants to open the embroidery factory, I have to pay for everything I just started. Buying a second-hand embroidery machine can save you a lot of cost. I don’t know how big the market is. In fact, buying a second-hand embroidery machine is also a good choice. Here are some tips for you to pay attention to when buying a second-hand embroidery machine.
1. The embroidery machine and the car are the same. They all have to be rotated, worn, and the longer the age, the worse the precision.
2, depends on the appearance of the machine, that is, the appearance of the machine, in fact, the machine and picking his wife is not much, this machine is also the most easy to see, look at the base, table, beam and other depreciation.
3, to give priority to buy the machine that is doing the goods, do not choose the machine in the warehouse, because the machine is idle for too long, easy to go wrong, buy back and re-commission
4, look at the computer, it is recommended to buy Dahao display computer embroidery machine, easy to operate, and the price of second-hand embroidery machine is also acceptable.
5. As for the mechanical aspects, the basic actions such as moving the frame, jog, color change, etc., if there is no abnormality, there should be no big problem. If necessary, you can try it with your own pattern.
6, it is best to ask a knowledgeable master to watch the scene. Some manufacturers will take the refurbishment of the buyer as a sign of quality. Therefore, if there are talents in this field, it is best to have a skilled technician to supervise the manufacturers to prevent some non-conformities.

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