Computer embroidery common problem - disconnection problem


With the rapid development of the economy, we have ente […]

With the rapid development of the economy, we have entered the era of intelligent industrialization, and the embroidery industry has also ushered in more development opportunities and challenges. The competition in the computer embroidery industry is not limited to the quality of embroidery, but also includes a long-term machine work efficiency. The fierce market competition in the computer embroidery market has enabled embroidery companies to continue to innovate in embroidery and continuously improve machine efficiency.
How does the computer embroidery machine work efficiently? Everyone is familiar with the working efficiency of a computerized embroidery machine with its highest speed as the standard. Our electronic control will effectively adjust the speed of the embroidery machine: the machine table is stable and does not obviously vibrate, reaching the maximum speed of the machine. For example, a machine can achieve 800-speed adaptation to the stability of the machine-driven frame when switching between 2mm. Can not be ignored, the disconnection rate is also a direct factor affecting the working efficiency of computer embroidery machines.
Of course, there are many reasons for wire breakage. The quality of the embroidery thread is not easy to cause the wire breakage. The size of the machine shuttle bed will also cause the wire breakage and the needle breakage to occur, and the wire breakage. The number of broken lines is first checked if the tape is too short. If there is no problem with the plate, check the line and see how tight the cable is. Look at the line of the machine. If the line is very smooth, there is no quality problem in the inspection line. The above are normal. Check whether the machine shuttle bed is too big or too small. In general, computer embroidery machine disconnection includes the following reasons:
1 wiring reason
The reason for the adjustment of the line, the adjustment of the line is not easy to cause the disconnection, such as the knot of the line, the line is not smooth, the line is cracked.
Version 2 with reason
The reason for the version is that the computer with the embroidery plate making plate has too many short stitches to cause disconnection. For example, where the plates are crossed or overlapped, there are too thick stitches that are prone to breakage.
3 embroidery thread quality reasons
The quality of the embroidery thread, the embroidery thread with unqualified quality, the number of knots inside, the unevenness of the tension is easy to break.
4 reasons for the shuttle
The reasons for the shuttle bed are mainly divided into three categories. 1. The shuttle bed has burrs (wearing), which is easy to break. It can be smoothed with 1200 fine sandpaper, and the shuttle bed can only be replaced with new ones. 2. The distance between the shuttle machine and the needle of the embroidery machine, if it is too large or too small, will lead to disconnection, broken needle, and needle leakage, which will indirectly lead to disconnection. The normal clearance is generally about 0.3mm. 3. The time taken by the shuttle bed, the take-up time is 201° (+ -1°), and it is easy to break if there is too much deviation.
5 embroidery needle and line matching reason
The reason why the embroidery machine matches the line is that the computerized embroidery machine is usually a fine needle with a thin thread and a thick needle with a thick thread. For example, the 120D thread generally uses a 11-pin needle, and the 75D thread generally uses a 7-gauge needle.
6 machine needle plate hole reason
The reason for the needle hole of the machine is that the hole of the needle plate of the embroidery machine is burr-free and not smooth. If it is not sanded for a long time, it is easy to break the wire.
7 needle itself
The cause of the needle itself, such as the needle machine slot of the embroidery machine is not correct, the needle is biased, and the needle is running at the bottom dead point. This will break the needle. Generally, when the bottom dead point of the needle is 201°, 45° of squint can see that most of the pinholes are suitable.
8 machine presser reasons
The reason for the presser foot of the machine is that the presser foot of the embroidery machine is too high, and the machine will be disconnected when the machine is running. Generally, the height of the presser foot to the needle plate is about 0.8 mm.
9 machine cam reasons
The reason of the machine cam, the machine takes the line cam to wrap the line, the cleaning is not clean, it is easy to break the needle.
10 other reasons
There are cracks in the hole of the ceramic hole, and the needle line does not work.
In addition to the above-mentioned common embroidery machine disconnection reasons, there are many reasons for the machine disconnection, which puts new demands on our computerized embroidery plate making master. Solve the problem of computerized embroidery machine disconnection, can reduce the number of adjustment lines, in order to effectively improve the machine work efficiency, can also improve the quality of embroidery. Let us embroider embroidery more flat, smooth, non-shrinking, and more stereoscopic.

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