Do you really know the embroidery effect of the embroidery machine?


1. Thick knot embroidery Breaking through the limitatio […]

1. Thick knot embroidery
Breaking through the limitations of previous production, we can use a rope with different thicknesses for embroidery. Special techniques for hand-embroidered embroidery can be made on sweaters and knitted fabrics. Special guides need to be configured.
2. Frill embroidery
The hem embroidery is also called feather stitching. The hem stitching is a method in which the flower strip material is repeated by the up and down movement of the pin, and is fixed when there is a feather stitch.
3. Sawtooth embroidery
The zigzag stitching method is a zigzag step of the left and right locking needles on the material by the left and right swing of the sawtooth embroidery device. Embroidery can also be easily performed on creative lines such as thickness changes and materials that cannot be directly embroidered with a needle.
4. Laser cutting embroidery
Laser cutting embroidery can be produced on TLFD, which combines embroidery and laser technology. Laser cutting is divided into surface cutting, semi-cutting and complete cutting.
5. Thermal Pad Printing + Embroidery
This kind of embroidering method is combined with printing on the embroidery, and the unique layering and the delicate color pattern are conveyed by printing the pattern. The advantage is that the pigment is more environmentally friendly, it is not easy to fade, and there is no need for a rinsing process before and after the traditional printing and dyeing.
6. Broadband embroidery
30mm-50mm wide-band embroidery, the stereoscopic effect of straight up, is mostly used in high-end dresses, wedding dresses and other women's wear.
7. Young line embroidery
Three materials are used: embroidery thread (75d/2), core wire (300d/2) and winding wire (2 bars 75d/2). When embroidering, the winding wire sews the core wire, and the winding ratio of the winding wire and the core wire There are 4 choices, so you can create colorful, high value-added embroidery products. A young line crimping device is required.

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