Does computer embroidery have high requirements for materials?


Nowadays, the use of embroidery machines is becoming mo […]

Nowadays, the use of embroidery machines is becoming more and more popular, and many garment embroidery factories no longer use traditional embroidery techniques, and all use high-speed computer embroidery machines to provide embroidery work efficiency. Computerized embroidery machines can be used for pattern making, which is what we usually call proofing. To put it simply, the computer embroidery machine processes some patterns through some set procedures to make the embroidery pattern we want. This is the working principle of computer embroidery. The proofing process is operated by the pattern maker. In fact, the principle of the previous embroidery machine is to make the embroidery needle work and make the desired embroidery pattern. The high-speed computerized embroidery machine is more convenient and quick to create the desired embroidery products.
So what about the cost of computerized embroidery machines, do you have high requirements for materials? The reason why clothing embroidery factories no longer use traditional craftsmanship but choose high-speed embroidery machines is reasonable. In fact, embroidering is the most critical and is also the pattern maker. The material is not particularly important. As long as the quality of the material we choose is no problem, then it does not require expensive materials to embroider. We are now using a computer to make a pattern, and the pattern designer can use a monitor or plotter to check the effect of his pattern making. What we should pay attention to is whether the drawings produced by the version are correct or not.
Embroidery is composed of different stitches, so we have already processed the fabric, and the garment embroidery factory needs to process it again according to the requirements, and constantly puncture with thread to process the finished product. In short, high-speed computerized embroidery machines are very common, and the price will not be particularly expensive, and the materials used are relatively common, as long as the quality of the materials is no problem.