Early autumn dressing strategy, embroidery will be very hot!


It’s almost October, it’s still hot, look at the calend […]

It’s almost October, it’s still hot, look at the calendar and discover that in 2019, it’s quietly established! I still wear this short-sleeved skirt during the day, but at night there is a bit of cool autumn wind. Miss sisters should start with a few stylish and nice coats. Then the problem is coming, the jacket is tens of millions, which style of jacket is your dish? Don't worry, see what international big names are busy wearing.
At a glance, it’s all embroidered. Isn't this the most popular element in the recent TV series "Yanqi Raiders" and "Rugao Biography"? Yes, there is nothing wrong! The popular embroidered coat in the early fall will be a very hot fire! In today's fashion circle, embroidered pieces can be seen everywhere, whether it is delicate flowers or playful logo embellishment, you can see it at a glance!
To say why the embroidered jacket is so hot, it must be because it perfectly combines the unique design of the garment and the exquisite fashion of the embroidery. More importantly, the young people are more interested in the rise of the trend of individual fashion. High-quality materials and exquisite embroidery craftsmanship bring higher added value to the garment through one stitch and one thread!
It was another year of the golden nine silver ten days, and the embroidery wind gradually "scraped"! Invisible also drives the entire embroidery machine market to a good market. In the brand of embroidery machines with different levels, how to choose an embroidery machine suitable for the new market demand? Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical&Electrical Co., Ltd. is of course the first choice. Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical&Electrical Co.,Ltd. is an innovative company with dozens of machine patents and industry awards, constantly satisfying customers' personalized embroidery services and helping customers embroider a beautiful life!

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