Embroidered lace temptation


Beauty, whether it is inner temptation or external eleg […]

Beauty, whether it is inner temptation or external elegance, will never be hidden. An embroidered underwear, let your beauty, highlight the most vividly, and pour the country into the city.
AAA is a professional embroidery machine manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service. The flat embroidery machine series is equipped with a full servo system: (1) to achieve a qualitative improvement in the fineness of the car. (2) greatly improve the speed of the car, the 7MM wide needle speed can be maintained above 700 rpm. (3) Reduce noise and make the machine run quieter and more stable.
At the same time, on the basis of flat embroidery, it can be extended to the three-dimensional embroidery of the hat factory, the appliqué of the toy factory, the carving of the lace fabric factory and so on. In addition, the lace machine series can achieve high-capacity head embroidery, which has the characteristics of stable performance, fine embroidery, accurate lace butt joint, clean embroidery thread, good hand feeling, and reduced wrinkle shrinkage of embroidery. The two types of models are the most popular models of clothing manufacturers, which greatly enrich the embroidery elements.