Embroidered wall coverings are really beautiful


For women of no value to the family, marriage is a cris […]

For women of no value to the family, marriage is a crisis. The painstaking operation of a long-term marriage requires the husband and wife to grow together, whether it is attitude towards marriage, competition in the workplace, or family life. When it comes to family life, I have to say home decor. If home decor is tall, of course, embroidered wall covering is indispensable!
The embroidery wall cloth is a computer embroidery machine using high-grade non-woven fabric materials. Through exquisite embroidery technology, we can outline patterns and shapes, needle threads and patterns of different colors, so that the wall cloth can give a vivid and three-dimensional texture. The surface of the wall cloth is embossed, structured, and color welfare, which has high artistic value. Embroidery is undoubtedly the preferred element for high-end wall coverings. The perfect combination of classic embroidery craftsmanship and wall art. The embroidered wall fabric creates a quality home life, interprets the beautiful visual feast, and outlines a memory of home life with a stitch and thread shuttle. Exquisite patterns on the wall cloth, delicate embroidery, and romantic feelings, you should have home decoration!
Of course, in addition to bringing a lot of visual enjoyment to family life, embroidered wall coverings have advantages that other wall coverings do not have and cannot be ignored. Features of embroidered wall coverings: ① seamless paste ② environmentally friendly and tasteless ③. Easy to take care ④. Wear-resistant wall ⑤. Breathable and mildewproof ⑥ can be made flame retardant ⑦ stable color ⑧ noise proof ⑨ rich colors
Wallcovering Future Market
During the decades of reform and opening up, the development of the wall covering industry has grown from scratch, from small to large. The wallpaper industry has also experienced several ups and downs. The entire wall covering industry is thriving, and it continues to spark investment booms. However, in the past two years, the wall covering industry has been in a downturn due to the increase in competitors, the industry is close to saturation, and the lack of innovation by enterprises. This needs to increase selling points for wall coverings and enter the high-end custom market. Custom embroidered wall cloth is undoubtedly the best selling point of the wall cloth market, and the market prospects are still looking forward to!

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