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At the end of the G20 summit, Xi has sent a number of h […]

At the end of the G20 summit, Xi has sent a number of heavy signals to the world: a statement (in response to outside questions, self-confidence to show "Chinese process"), a prescription (a direct hit on the world economy "pain point", and the result of disconnecting "four-flavored medicine" ), a drive (smart language, innovation), a position (not to be a single or winner), and a mobilization (to urge the G20 to be a "action team", "follow the tide"), the world economy will usher in An unprecedented new look. Affected by the downstream apparel industry, the entire sewing equipment industry was in a state of depression, and the Guangdong Embroidery Factory was a wave of bankruptcies. In September, after the G20, the economic situation has gradually recovered, bringing a new round of development opportunities for the entire sewing equipment industry.
When the embroidery machine industry develops and the economic situation is good, the downstream garment industry will develop rapidly and will also drive the embroidery machine to flourish. When the economic situation is bad, the downstream garment industry is in dire straits, which will also lead to the depression of the embroidery machine industry. Regardless of whether the external environment is good or bad, embroidery machine enterprises need to have their own core advantages in order to stand in the embroidery machine industry and establish themselves based on long-term development. AAA delivered two targetings to all customers: customer targeting and brand positioning.
Customer positioning
1. Customer positioning: high-end customers and quality customers
1. High-end customers, customers with market positioning. As long as you want to use the quality to occupy the market, friends hope to cooperate.
2. Quality customers, the market is very clear, long-term development must have a good product support, we look forward to having a vision and an ideal for your participation!
Brand Positioning
2. Brand positioning: excellence, high speed and efficiency, craftsmanship, creating value
1. Excellence, clarity, smoothness, light perception, perfect combination of vision and antennae.
2. High speed and high efficiency, what is the average speed of 0.04S? The Hefeng 1500 rpm T-type machine can tell you! A class of 600,000 needles is not a myth.
3. The spirit of craftsmanship, every link is checked at all levels. From the selection of materials to the welding assembly of the rack to the finished product, quality inspection will be carried out.
4. Create value, each one is tailor-made, customize a machine that suits you, and create greater value for you.

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