Full-width embroidery: Hard to feel, do you have such troubles?


There are often problems with embroidered friends who e […]

There are often problems with embroidered friends who encounter a full-face embroidered embroidery that feels hard and has a headache. Decorative painting does not matter, if it is a cheongsam or a pillow like a personal thing: comfort is the first, followed by viewing. Why is this?
The materials include: fabric material, pattern material, embroidery thread, etc. Fabric: Small elasticity, not easy to pinhole. Pattern material: self-shooting material selection, website fine map, other people's works and other sources. Embroidery thread: gloss, thickness, degree. So many kinds, embroidered friends, are you right?
It is a requirement for the plate maker to make the perfect embroidery. But how to do it better, many beginners always think that making a plate is not a problem of time, time is one aspect, in fact, more is creativity. Before the plate making, you need to plan the shrinkage of the cloth, the thickness of the thread, the order of the layers, and the choice of the needle method. Make sure you need to be careful when making plates, and you need to pay attention to the details, which will reduce the time. After the plate making, the car is interviewed on the machine, and a simple fine-tuning is done.
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