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I missed the China Keqiao International Textile Accesso […]

I missed the China Keqiao International Textile Accessories Fair in May, and don't regret it. In October, there was another textile exhibition with the widest impact, specialization, internationalization and the highest level of informatization - China Keqiao Textile Exhibition, which will soon be carried out in this autumn day. As the world's largest textile distribution center, Shaoxing has exhibited a variety of textiles and diverse multi-purpose sewing equipment models at the Keqiao Exhibition in Shaoxing, bringing a glimmer of light to the sewing equipment industry facing both internal and external difficulties, and also bringing embroidery industry practitioners Come more opportunities!
Reasons for Keqiao Textile Exhibition:
1. Propaganda advantage: The exhibition will invest a million yuan in the exhibition of information on TV stations, radio, newspapers, professional magazines, professional websites and BBS, and will invite Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, A group of trade organizations such as Japan attended the meeting and created and provided a rare business opportunity for textile enterprises and merchants at home and abroad.
2. Policy advantages: As the organizer of this expo, Shaoxing County People's Government is based on its own unique advantages, and strives to strengthen and optimize the characteristic industrial economy.
3. Location advantage: It is the largest textile industry gathering place in the country. Located on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay, Keqiao is located in the “Golden South Wing” of the Yangtze River Delta, which has the most densely populated population, the fastest economic development, and the strongest purchasing power in society.
4. Brand advantage: After more than ten years of brand development, China Keqiao International Textile Expo has become one of the largest, most influential, professional, international, and informatized textile professional events in the textile industry. With a high reputation and reputation, it is the “new navigation mark” in the textile industry exhibition.
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