How do the rookies engaged in embroidery machines view this industry?


For those who are new to the embroidery machine, they a […]

For those who are new to the embroidery machine, they are also curious about the mysterious veil of the embroidery machine and the clothing industry while being familiar with the company's environment and business. After training and taking over the work of the company, he was exposed to some complaints and concerns about the market in the clothing and embroidery industry. So, is the Chinese clothing and embroidery industry really as "winter" as they say? Clothing, food, housing and transportation are indispensable. For the market, the industry of "clothing" will never be called "sunset industry". But why in recent years, so many Chinese businessmen lament that the clothing market is not good? Business is difficult to do? Or have you changed your mind?
As the market is a big environment for survival of the fittest, and in recent years China has advocated “Created in China”, resulting in the following situations:
1. Many unskilled small processing plants have fewer orders;
2. Small factories without advanced machines cannot improve quality and order loss;
3. The production machine is not efficient, the output is insufficient, the labor and time costs are high, and it is not profitable;
4. The production line of high-end clothing companies will be transferred to the third world countries, so that the individual processing enterprises that undertake their embroidery and other orders can be connected without any orders.
As the Chinese high-end brand AAA of the embroidery machine, if the market is really bad, then the embroidery machine should not be sold well, but according to our company's sales data, the market is not as sluggish as mentioned above. The main reason for thinking is that the garment processing enterprises that can survive in the current market environment are all improving their own competitiveness, improving the quality of products, taking the high-end customized market, diversifying, low energy consumption and high. The development of the benefits route, constantly open up new markets and develop new products. What these companies have in common is that they will choose Hefeng's embroidery machines to work for their business.
No matter whether it is a rookie in this industry or a senior professional in this industry, I deeply know that the development of all walks of life can only improve its professional skills, competitiveness, and advance in the industry. Eliminated by the market. The big waves are scouring the sand, and the waves are pushing forward. Under the constant development of China’s economy, the increasingly expensive labor force, and the competition from the third world countries, if Chinese enterprises still stay in the small workshops, small processing, backward machines, and relying on In the idea of ​​being able to survive, the Chinese clothing industry has already entered the "severe winter", which you and I do not want to see.