How does the flat embroidery computer embroidery machine operate?


Flat embroidery is more common in the market and the mo […]

Flat embroidery is more common in the market and the most traditional embroidery process. Flat embroidery uses embroidery threads to outline different patterns through different stitches. The production process is relatively simple, mainly relying on patterns, embroidery threads and stitches to innovate!

Opening embroidery steps
1. A thicker liner or gauze is needed to make the base fabric;
2. Fix the backing paper or gauze on the side frame with clips;
3. Sew the outline of the pattern to be cut off with a single thread (open position);
4. Use scissors to cut the fabric along the suture. At the same time, put a piece of thick paper or the like under the backing cloth to prevent the platen from being damaged;
5. Paste the double-sided tape next to the incision;
6. Place the backing paper in the cutting position;
7. Then place the fabric on it
8. Embroidery;
9. Prepare two or more cutting openings on the upper and lower lines. When the current embroidery is completed, you can continue to the next step; when the next fabric is being embroidered, you can take the one that has completed embroidery No need to stop the embroidery machine to replace the fabric, greatly increasing productivity.
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