How much do you know about computerized embroidery machine stitches


If you have been in the embroidery industry for many ye […]

If you have been in the embroidery industry for many years and you are a master of embroidery and pattern making, then you must know a lot of embroidery stitches for embroidery machines. If you have been in the embroidery industry for a few months and are a rookie in embroidery, then you must know several embroidery stitches for embroidery machines. An embroidered embroidery with good quality, fine lines, smooth and smooth, shiny and dazzling, can not do without the embroidery machine stitching. A computerized embroidery machine chooses different stitches, and the embroidered items will definitely give you different visual effects.

Embroidery machine stitch characteristics:
1. Flat needle, mainly used to draw outlines and details;
2. Double thread needle, the thread goes back and forth twice between two points;
3. Three-thread needle, the thread goes back and forth three times between two points;
4. Flat wrap needle, flat wrap needle (or as a needle) is used to embroider some slender, curved circles. When embroidering a figure, the embroidery needle first pierces a hole on one side of the figure, and then pierces another hole on the other side of the figure.
5. Compound needle filling, by controlling the position of needle drop point, the specified pattern can appear on the stitch. Add design elements;
6. Wave filling needle, by controlling the direction of the stitch direction, it can be connected into a variety of curves or arc patterns;
7. Knitting needles, mainly used to fill long and curved lines with embroidered shape
8. The tatami needle is mainly used to fill the figure or irregular figure embroidered in the area, it is composed of a single needle with a special arrangement;
9. E-needle, E-shaped needle looks like a comb, mainly used for wrapping or loosely embroidering graphics. The most commonly used is on the hemming in embroidering, so that the E-shaped stitches can better follow the graphics border.
With the continuous upgrade of embroidery software and the gradual improvement of embroidery machine functions, the stitching method is continuously increasing from the initial simple single needle, double needle and three needles. . . From the manual single needle, the needle, the other meter to the current e-shaped needle, the three-dimensional needle, the other meter, the curved tatami, the pin and so on. Therefore, our embroidery masters choose a needle suitable for the embroidery machine, and they can certainly use the computer embroidery machine to embroider different embroidery masterpieces.