How to buy cabinet door hinges


The hinge on the cabinet door seems to be inconspicuous […]

The hinge on the cabinet door seems to be inconspicuous. If the door hinge is not strong, then the cabinet door will strike three times. The cabinet door is safflower, then the door hinge is the green leaf, which sets off the cabinet door. When choosing the cabinet door hinge, don't just look at the brand, but also look at the size of the hinge is not suitable, you must also know the adjustment method of the door hinge, the following is a brief introduction:
It is very important to make the hinged steel. If it is not good, after a while, the door panel may be tilted back and forth, slipping off the shoulder. Most of the brand's cabinet hardware uses cold-rolled steel, which is perfect in thickness and toughness.
Try to choose a multi-point positioning hinge. The so-called multi-point positioning means that the door panel can stay at any angle when it is opened. It will not be laborious to open, and will not be closed suddenly, thus ensuring the safety of use. This is especially important for the upper hanging cabinet door. The quality of the positioning is related to the toughness of the reed used in the hardware. The quality of the reed determines the opening angle of the door. The quality of the reed can make the opening angle exceed 90 degrees.
Good quality cabinet door hinge performance, its steel thickness, flexibility, corrosion resistance, high base, long arm, free positioning without displacement, open and close, no noise, can withstand tens of thousands of times The switch is not damaged by deformation. Such as the German "Hettich" fast-installed hinges. In the destructive experiment, the load on the door 10 cm from the hinge is 5 kg, the switch is 3 seconds/time, and the opening life is up to 80,000 times. This cabinet door hinge can be used to disassemble the cabinet door without any tools, and it can be quickly restored to ensure consistency with the pre-disassembly.
Practice has proved that, according to the nature of the cabinet and the accuracy of the cabinet door arrangement, plus the weight of the cabinet door itself, it is difficult for the various cabinet door hinges in China to meet the quality requirements of the cabinet. Therefore, there are often cases where the front and back are too close and the door gap is too large. .
To be honest, the top-type hinges of the same type are better than Gute. The plating, materials, weight, and workmanship are all better than Gute, but the price is there, and there is no way. However, Gute is also the most cost-effective hardware in China, which is cheaper than the price, and the quality is much better than those of the miscellaneous brands.

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