How to choose embroidery machine embroidery accessories?


Embroidery needle Perhaps you have the same experience, […]

Embroidery needle
Perhaps you have the same experience, ignoring the importance of the needle. The needle must be subtle, but as long as there is little damage, it is enough to destroy the whole pattern, and the fine fabric such as silk cloth or organ gauze has more influence. Needles have different roughness and surface treatment methods, you can choose the most suitable type to achieve the best embroidery effect. The figure below shows the structure of the embroidery needle to help you better understand its components. The most commonly used embroidery needle model is DBXK5, which is very different from the general sewing needle. Whether it is toughness or needle eye, it has been specially designed. The following is the comparison of embroidery needle and sewing needle:
Embroidery needle features:
The needle eye is twenty-five percent larger than the sewing needle. The unique needle crown design is used to match the shuttle bed, strengthen the needle body part, increase the needle groove, and make the embroidery thread smoother. In addition to chrome plating, there are also titanium-plated gold needles that reduce friction.
Leather is a non-knitted or textile fabric. When embroidering, the needle is directly woven through the needle to weave the pattern. Therefore, there are special requirements in terms of needle, thread and plain.
Select line:
One of the decisive factors is the number of broken lines. The fewer the broken lines, the natural and beautiful the effect, and the tough polyester yarn is more resistant to the tension generated by the leather.
Select the needle:
The needle is thick and young, which directly affects the size of the pinhole on the leather. Generally speaking, the #75 or #11 needle is most suitable, and the needle is also required to use diamond or triangle.
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The stitches should not be too dense, otherwise they will leave marks on the leather. Appropriate density stitches and small needle numbers can reduce quality problems.
When carrying out leather embroidery, paper and wax paper can effectively reduce the friction and increase the smoothness of the embroidery thread.
The finished products of canvas usually have bags, rucksacks and travel clips. Due to their heavy texture, the frame is difficult to move, and the friction is large, which is another kind of fabric that is difficult to control.
Select the needle:
Titanium-plated needles are not only strengthened by the needle body, but also the golden surface layer can effectively prevent the cloth, needle and thread from rubbing and reduce the chance of disconnection.
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The canvas has a rough texture, and the embroidery thread is easy to get stuck in the pit pattern, causing the stitches on the side of the pattern to sink. For example, if the small letters are embroidered, the problem is more serious, so try to increase the font size.
The role of the backing is to support the canvas, supporting the pattern, it is recommended to use thick paper.