How to maintain the computerized embroidery machine and improve the production efficiency of embroidery machine equipment?


Computerized embroidery machines are relatively sophist […]

Computerized embroidery machines are relatively sophisticated machines. It is imperative to achieve greater benefits in production, extend the return on equipment investment, and maintain the machine. The maintenance of embroidery machines usually includes two types: one is preventive maintenance; the other is production maintenance. The so-called preventive maintenance refers to regular inspections or regular care before the machinery is broken; the so-called production maintenance refers to the maintenance of how to reduce production costs and improve product quality. The two are inseparable and integrated.
In order to better maintain the embroidery machine, we have formulated a "three-level maintenance" system here.
1. Daily maintenance
The daily maintenance of the embroidery machine is carried out by the operator (turner). The ordinary equipment uses the 5-10 minutes before or after the shift to carefully check the equipment, and the key equipment uses the 10-15 minutes before or after the shift to carefully check the equipment. It is required to wipe all parts of the machine and add lubricating oil to keep the equipment tidy, tidy, lubricated and safe. If the equipment fails in the class, it shall be eliminated in time.
2. Primary maintenance
The machine runs for one month (one shift) and requires one level of maintenance. The first-level maintenance is carried out by the operator, guided by the machine repair and maintenance workers. The equipment is partially disassembled and inspected and cleaned as required. The oil passages and pipelines are cleared, the oil line, the linoleum, and the oil filter are cleaned. Tighten the loose screws.
3. Secondary maintenance
In addition to the first-level maintenance, the second-level maintenance is performed by the mechanics and maintenance workers every other year. Part of the equipment is inspected and repaired, replaced or repaired, cleaned, changed oil, inspected and repaired the electrical part, Local recovery accuracy meets the requirements of normal machine operation.
Of course, the "maintenance" focuses on maintenance and maintenance, which means that this work is carried out in the usual production work, and we must rely on everyone's strength, give full play to the enthusiasm of employees, implement scientific management, and work together well. Equipment maintenance work.