Computer embroidery machine


The computer embroidery machine is the most advanced em […]

The computer embroidery machine is the most advanced embroidery machine in the modern era. It can realize the high speed and high efficiency of traditional hand embroidery, and it can achieve the "multi-level, multi-function, uniformity and perfection" that can not be achieved by hand embroidery. Claim.
The computer embroidery machine is an electromechanical product that reflects a variety of high-tech technologies. With the innovation of domestic computerized embroidery machine technology, domestic computerized embroidery machines have grown like bamboo shoots. For example, Hefeng Computer Embroidery Machine is committed to creating “China's embroidery machine excellence brand”, and its function has hit more than 90% of imported machines. The best replacement for imported computerized embroidery machines is widely praised by the industry and favored by customers.
    Why can computer embroidery machines have such a sensational effect in the embroidery industry? What are the main configurations of computer embroidery machines? Take Hefeng computer embroidery machine as an example, it mainly includes: electronic control system, spindle motor, embroidery frame drive, excellent rotary hook, imported belt, new linear drive guide, automatic thread trimming device, etc. Form a powerful function to achieve fully automated mechanical embroidery.
    With the maturity of computer embroidery machine technology, it has developed into a variety of embroidery machines from the original flat embroidery computer embroidery machine, such as ordinary flat embroidery machine, gold piece embroidery (single gold, double gold, gold, four gold) Lace water soluble, towel embroidery, winding embroidery (rope embroidery), laser embroidery, flocking embroidery, cap embroidered garment embroidery, high-speed machine, etc., and high-end models with various functions, such as three-in-one (flat embroidery + gold Piece embroidery + winding embroidery), four in one (flat embroidery + gold embroidery + simple winding embroidery + towel embroidery) and so on. At present, the world's first 686 and other 643 series lace water-soluble embroidery machines created by Hefeng are special computer embroidery machines for lace lace, high efficiency, high productivity, suitable for all kinds of lace embroidery processing, and realize professional lace docking scheme.
    Computer embroidery machines are widely used in fashion, home textiles, bedspreads, toys, decorations, embroidery factories, cross-stitch, arts and crafts, etc., which greatly enhance the taste of people's lives. However, compared with international brands, domestic computerized embroidery machines still have a certain gap, mainly in process technology and materials. Domestic computerized embroidery machines cannot be compared with these high-end brand computerized embroidery machines. difference. The domestic computerized embroidery machine needs to continue to specialize in technology and independently innovate, opening a new chapter in the embroidery technology of domestic computer embroidery machines.