Embroidery machine maintenance points


Embroidery machine maintenance parts:  The maintenance […]

Embroidery machine maintenance parts:
 The maintenance of the embroidery machine is carried out by the embroidery worker. The ordinary embroidery machine parts are carefully inspected for 5 to 10 minutes, and the key embroidery machine parts are carefully inspected for 10 to 15 minutes. It is necessary to wipe all parts of the machine and add lubricating oil so that the equipment is always kept neat, tidy, lubricated and safe, which is conducive to smooth operation of the machine. At present, the maintenance parts of the embroidery machine are mainly: the main shaft gearbox, the trimming hook line structure, the adjusting line structure, the color changing structure, the X-axis guide rail drive, the Y-axis guide rail drive, the clamp line structure, and the frame structure.
Embroidery machine maintenance cycle:
In fact, many operators of embroidery factories are not very concerned about the maintenance cycle of embroidery machines. Some are maintenance machines for one year or several years. Even some embroidery factories only think that the machine is faulty. "And the horses must run fast, and the horses should not eat grass." Only by mastering the maintenance time of various parts of the embroidery machine can the machine operate more smoothly and effectively improve the working efficiency of the machine.
Embroidery machine maintenance precautions:
Clean the dust and debris in time for the embroidery machine, not only to ensure the beauty of the machine, but also to ensure the good working condition of the machine, so that the embroidery machine can achieve beautiful embroidery effect.
(1) Hook line structure hook, bobbin case, bobbin brush cleaning, try not to use sharp tool to clean
(2) Adjusting the wire rods, lines, and felts to remove debris and thread ends
(3) The tensioning structure of the rotating wheel, the adjusting line, the adjusting line spring, and the adjusting line should be cleaned frequently
(4) Cleaning the scissors on the surface of the table and the frame, tape measure, tape, embroidery needle, etc.
(5) The computer surface and the exhaust fan are often wiped, open the back cover, and clean the dust.
(6) The power box and the drive box also need to wipe the dust frequently and keep it clean.