The boss must know: don't look only at the highest speed, computer embroidery machine production in


The boss in the computer embroidery industry always wan […]

The boss in the computer embroidery industry always wants to buy high quality embroidery machine that can produce high output and cheap price, so that he can get his investment back as soon as possible. You want to run, but also do not want to graze cattle, cattle still want to run for a long time; this is all good boss wants.
However, manufacturers in order to ensure high quality, pay more than counterparts several times to ten times the effort and money, to break the bottleneck, innovative technology, even the re positioning of the market demand, to allow customers to enjoy the high-tech brings intelligent, efficient and attentive service, the price will not be too cheap.
The old saying is good: "one point price a point". Quality and price are hard indicators and have reference, but what about output? The parameter "maximum speed" on the embroidery machine can represent the high output?
Market feedback proved: "embroidery machine 1500rpm", and no more than Tajima "1100rpm" output, high output. So, have experience in embroidery people will know: high speed and high yield.
So, why does this happen? In fact, the high output of computer embroidery machine is the result of multi cooperation and cooperation, including but not limited to the following points:
The embroidery machine is stable and efficient.
The excellent operation.
Good mood or version with.
Suitable fabrics and accessories.
The experience of rich embroidery.
Yes. Wait
"Peep know the whole picture", therefore, we all know: the "maximum speed" is a reference, also needs to have the "validity"; around "high-yield, Tajima adhering to provide" one-stop embroidery service "concept for customers, headquarters in Huizhou set up a technology training center and version with the design center, a full range of Tajima embroidery machines provide training and technical support process, version with etc..