The common problem of computer embroidery -- the problem of line breaking


With the rapid development of the economy, we have ente […]

With the rapid development of the economy, we have entered the era of intelligent industrialization, embroidery industry has also ushered in more development opportunities and challenges. The competition in the computer embroidery industry is not only limited to the quality of embroidery, but also a long-term machine working efficiency. The fierce market competition in the computer embroidery market makes embroidery enterprises constantly innovating and improving the efficiency of the machine.
How can computer embroidery machine work efficiently? Everyone is familiar with the work efficiency of a computer embroidery machine at its highest speed as a standard. Our electronic control will adjust the speed of the embroidery machine effectively: the stability of the machine plate does not shake obviously to achieve the highest speed of the machine. For example, a machine in the switching needle step of 2mm reached 800 to adapt to the machine frame driving stability. It can not be ignored that the line breaking rate is also a direct factor affecting the efficiency of the computer embroidery machine.
Of course, there are many reasons for the broken line. The quality of embroidery thread is not good enough to cause breakage. The size of the shuttle bed gap also leads to the breakage and breakage of needle and the breakage of the needle. The number of broken first check version with short step is not too much. If there is no problem in the tape, check the line, look at the tightness, and see how the line is not smooth. If the line is very smooth, there is no quality problem on the inspection line. All of the above are normal. There are too large and too small gaps in checking the machine shuttle bed. In general, the broken line of the computer embroidery machine includes the following reasons:
1 line reasons
The cause of the line adjustment, the line is not adjusted easily cause broken lines, such as wire knot, line is not smooth, cross line has cracks.
The cause of the 2 edition
版带原因,电脑绣花制版时版带短针步过多容易造成断线。 For example, there are too thick stitches and easily broken lines in places where they are crossed or overlapped.
3 quality cause of embroidery thread
Embroidery thread quality reason, quality unqualified embroidered line, with more head inside, loose and unequal easily broken line.
4 cause of spindle bed
The shuttle mainly divided into three categories, the shuttle bed burr (wear), easy to break, polished it, wear shuttle bed can only be replaced with 1200 fine sandpaper. 2. The spacing between shuttle beds and needles of embroidery machines, too large or too small, will lead to broken line, broken needle and missed needle, which indirectly lead to breakage, and the normal gap is usually about 0.3mm. The time of picking line of the shuttle bed is 201 degrees (+ -1). If the deviation is too much, it is easy to break the line.
5 embroidery needle and the reason of line matching
The reason for matching the embroidery machine on the line is that the computerized embroidery machine is usually made of fine needle and fine line, thick needle and rough line according to different functions. For example, the line of 120D usually uses needle No. 11, and 75D line usually uses needle No. 7.
6 machine needle plate Kong Yuanyin
Causes hole machine needle plate, see the needle plate embroidery machine without burr hole, not smooth, if there is no long-term sanding, it is easy to break.
7 machine needles themselves
Machine needle itself, such as embroidery machine needle slot direction is not correct, machine needle bias, needle down the dead point. There will be a broken needle. When the lower dead point of the needle is 201 degrees, the 45 degree of strabismus can be seen to be more than half of the pinhole.
8 reasons for pressing the foot of a machine
The machine presses the foot cause, the embroidery machine presses the foot too high, the machine will break the line when the machine runs, the general condition presses the foot to the needle plate height 0.8mm or so.
9 machine cam cause
The machine cam, take-up cam winding machine, cleaning is not clean, it is prone to needle breakage.
10 other reasons
A line of ceramic surface has cracks, the wire holding work need not change with the new
In addition to these common causes of embroidery machine broken line, the cause of a lot of machine breakage, this is a new requirement to our computer embroidery master. In order to solve the problem of thread cutting in computer embroidery machine, the number of lines can be reduced and the working efficiency of the machine can be improved effectively, and the quality of embroidery can also be improved. Let us embroider embroidery more smooth, smooth, non shrinking, more stereoscopic.