Ink embroidery painting method


At Hefeng, there is no shortage of artistic and beautif […]

At Hefeng, there is no shortage of artistic and beautiful embroidery. Whether it is people or things, Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical&Electrical Co., Ltd. can always do the best and be amazing. It is better to describe a painting with the words "shape and mind". In the entire embroidery industry, there are very few in addition to the masters of the masters who can achieve such effects. Today, Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. has done it with its own embroidery machine. We will look at different ink painting embroidery together.
The first step of plate making: first use the embroidery pattern design software in the computer to make the sample, which is to make the stitch file, and then copy it into the U disk and lead it into the computer embroidery machine.
The second part of the embroidery: positioning, adjusting the parameters, the color of the embroidery thread, paving the paper and cloth, and starting the embroidery.
The third part of the coloring: After the embroidery machine has been processed, the embroidery picture has been completed, the outline of the line is also very clear, and then the original color, a piece of ink embroidery is fresh.

coiling embroidery machine