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The embroidery design pattern maker is not a simple nam […]

The embroidery design pattern maker is not a simple name. It not only needs to know the form, pattern, layout, format color, final embroidery effect and other related information, but also needs the comprehensive knowledge of computer basic knowledge and machine operation skills. Everyone bought a computer embroidery machine, first of all need to consider learning embroidery pattern-making technology. Before learning computer embroidery, they are entangled in two questions: 1. What comprehensive capabilities are needed to learn embroidery? 2. Where to learn computer embroidery machine?
What comprehensive capabilities are required to learn embroidery?
1, the basic knowledge and operation of the computer
2. Learn the embroidery machine to input the disk operation and proofing operation;
3, surfing the Internet, learn to use QQ to transfer files, remote control, send and receive emails;
4. Learn to scan, adjust, and stitch images with PhotoImpact 7.
5, smart understanding and patience
6, basic machine hands-on skills.
7, embroidery factory boss or boss wife
Where to learn computer embroidery plate?
Buy tutorial self-study
Go to the computer plate center to learn
Go to a professional training machine
Go to the embroidery machine factory to learn
Of course, where to learn the embroidery pattern-making technology, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze and choose the place where the computer embroidery is played according to the basic knowledge of the personal computer and the ability of the machine to operate. AAA provides professional embroidery machine training for every embroidered machine customer, so that customers can master computer embroidering knowledge and operate computer embroidering machine flexibly. It can really make business bigger and more profit through embroidery machine.

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