Safety operation specification of embroidery machine


When several people operate the embroidery machine at t […]

When several people operate the embroidery machine at the same time, everyone must remain cautious and tacit. Any operator must ensure that other operators are safe before starting the machine. For example, do not put your hand on the moving machine parts to avoid injury to the machine parts.
When the operator is running the machine: 1. Do not put your fingers in the gap of the table board; 2. Do not change the bobbin case under the table board; 3. Do not put your hands on the table board; 4. Do not wear embroidery thread when the machine is running , To avoid accidents and hurt your hands.
It is recommended for female embroidery workers that if they have long hair, they should be tied up to avoid being caught in the machine. Commonly used embroidery needles, scissors, screwdrivers, tapes, tapes, etc., should not be placed anywhere to avoid accidental accidental contact during machine operation Injured.
When the operator is operating the machine, the mechanical parts in these protective covers are live and are dangerous to the person when the machine is running, so they cannot be opened casually.
Friends who are engaged in computerized embroidery machines must pay attention to the safe operation skills of these machines when operating the machines. In order to avoid improper operation of the machine, it will cause unnecessary injury to his own body. Mingdao embroidery machine, after more than 10 years of development, the working stability and working efficiency of the machine have been comprehensively improved. However, the machine operator must keep in mind that safety comes first!