Single head embroidery machine makes entrepreneurs no longer confused


   On September 3, the ninth meeting of BRICS leaders w […]

   On September 3, the ninth meeting of BRICS leaders was held in Xiamen, and global attention focused on Xiamen. This summit is bound to deepen cooperation, inject new impetus into economic development, and provide more entrepreneurial opportunities for the market. There are many entrepreneurial projects. I want to find a reliable and stable project. Of course, the embroidery service industry is a must for entrepreneurial projects! Especially suitable for some small businesses and individual entrepreneurs!
After decades of development, the single-head embroidery machine has undergone tremendous changes not only in the structure and efficiency of the machine, but also the functions of the embroidery machine are becoming more and more powerful, and the embroidery machine service industry is becoming more and more extensive! The embroidery materials, stitch methods, and craftsmanship are all new, and the machine's working efficiency is greatly improved, which meets the customer's personalized custom embroidery services. But of course: 1. Which entrepreneurs are suitable for single-head embroidery machines? 2. Investment prospects for single-head embroidery machines? 3. What are the functions of a single-head embroidery machine? 4.Embroidery machine technical support?
I. Which entrepreneurs are suitable for single-head embroidery machines?
The single-head embroidery machine has a small footprint and is convenient for machine installation and maintenance. The machine can customize 9-pin, 12-pin, and 15-pin according to customer needs. Serving many embroidery industries. Of course, the cost of a single-head embroidery machine is low, which is especially suitable for individual embroidery entrepreneurs:
1. Pet shop-according to the owner's preferences, embroider pet clothes
2. Sewing shops, clothing custom shops-embroider individual patterns according to customer requirements
3. Trendy avant-garde clothing store-ready-made clothing, jeans and other personalized clothing embroidery
4.Tour company——T-shirt and hat company logo embroidery
5, home textile store-sell all kinds of embroidered home bedding and household items
6. Dry cleaning shop-provide DIY embroidery to increase the turnover of the entire store
2. Investment prospects for single-head embroidery machines?
Of course, for embroidery entrepreneurs, starting a business is not a simple matter, it is indispensable to analyze and evaluate the embroidery market. Hefeng embroidery machine has summarized the following single-head embroidery machine cost input and profit output based on years of experience in embroidery machine and customer feedback:
Cost input
⊙The initial investment in machinery and equipment is based on 50,000 yuan.
⊙ Cost of accessories: embroidery thread, color thread 7 yuan / piece, black and white thread 5 yuan / piece, each thread can embroider 330,000 stitches, and each thousand stitches is about 0.02 yuan. (Human waste is not counted)
⊙Ordinary lining: 23 yuan, 90CM wide, 40M long, calculated according to the pattern area, about 0.05 yuan per thousand stitches. (Human waste is not counted).
⊙Power consumption: The total power consumption of the machine is 0.3 kW / h, and the normal rotation speed of the machine is 1000 rpm. (Does not include man-made working hours)
Profit output
Calculation of return cycle ratio: 9 yuan / piece x 100 pieces = 900 yuan / day; one month: 30 days x 900 yuan = 27000 yuan / month; investment of 50,000 yuan in machinery and equipment can be returned to the fund in about 2 months, other profits All belong to net profit income.
3. What are the functions of a single-head embroidery machine?
Single head embroidery machine can be equipped with optional equipment such as hat frame, coat, laser, beads, rope, 8-in-1 embroidery frame.

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