The embroidery industry is far from the home textile industry!


With the rapid development of the social economy, there […]

With the rapid development of the social economy, there is a diversified fashion trend, and the diversified demand for personalized customized home textile products is deepening. With the diversified needs of today's consumers, the waves are swept up, embroidery and home textiles are gradually being loved by more and more people!
Affected by the slowdown in domestic economic growth and sluggish demand, the home textile industry has continued to adjust since 2012. The retail sales of department stores have continued to decline, and the growth rate of industry revenue has continued to slow down. However, starting in 2016, the industry turned to an upward point and accelerated recovery. In 2017, the home textile industry increased by 20% in the second half of the year. As one of the three major sectors of the textile industry, the home textile industry is quietly changing the way people live and market.
The home textile industry, which has experienced structural growth for 10 years, has begun to transform into quality competition. If the past can rely on a single advantage to succeed, then to break through in the future competition must rely on comprehensive, systematic resources and capacity enhancement, namely, brand, product, channel, terminal and management. As a new fulcrum in the home textile industry competition, the embroidery element has undoubtedly added a new "weight" to the fierce market competition in the home textile industry.
In recent years, from the development trend of the home textile market, a single-head computer embroidery machine will be set up in more and more big cities, such as pet shops, sewing shops, trendy clothing stores, travel companies, home textile stores, and dry cleaning. Shop and so on. The purpose is to customize some unique patterns or words for the guests to form a strong personalization, showing the trend.
A computerized embroidery machine, through a needle-and-line process, is embellished with home textile products, so that the home textile enterprises can regain their vitality and compete in the fierce market to create a unique glory. In the computer embroidery industry, the quality of computerized embroidery machines is endless, and the functions are vastly different. Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand of embroidery machines all over the world. It has been engaged in embroidery machines for more than 10 years. It has long-term cooperation with many well-known home textile brands, and the machines are sold all over the world. The quality and function of the embroidery machine has been well received in the industry and is trustworthy.

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