The embroidery machine helps the clothing industry to jump out of the “bottleneck”!


The direct factory of the big brands such as Adidas and […]

The direct factory of the big brands such as Adidas and Nike moved to Southeast Asia, which also shows that China's cheap labor has no advantage. In the face of such a large-scale order loss, labor shortage, labor costs, the domestic garment factory Spending the cold winter and breaking the bottleneck of the garment industry is a problem that embroidery machine practitioners need to face!
At present, the manufacturing market can be divided into the following three types:
1. Follow the big orders to move to Southeast Asia, but despite the low labor costs in Southeast Asian countries, there are hidden risks and higher policy risks, such as imperfect infrastructure and uncertainties in policy changes. This is undoubtedly a test for enterprises. ;
2, improve their own competitiveness, highlight their own advantages in the tight market, and thus obtain orders;
3. From pure OEM mode to self-developed, it is not difficult to find that the demand for fashion designer talents has become more and more in recent years, mainly because many garment factories that are doing OEMs have begun to transform into product design and development, and now the market There are more and more original clothing brands, and this “not taking a slice with the mass market” has also won new business opportunities for them. Perhaps in the future, “original clothing brands” will become the trend to lead the oriental fashion. It shows the right of Chinese fashion to speak in the world.
    Based on the above three points, we believe that the latter two are inseparable from advanced equipment, and embroidery is enduring in the entire clothing industry. It is obviously imperative to choose a suitable embroidery machine. . However, in the face of today's smashing clothing market, not everyone has enough money to buy imported embroidery machines, so how can we get the highest return with the least amount of money? This has become a problem that everyone has to think about. AAA has always been the leader of domestic brand embroidery machines. It is the old brand of embroidery machine, embroidery machine quality, machine work efficiency, machine stability, and the industry is relishing.