The maintenance of embroidery electromechanical control system cannot be ignored!


In fact, most companies buying embroidery machines do n […]

In fact, most companies buying embroidery machines do not know how to maintain the embroidery control system. If the embroidery control system is well maintained, it can effectively increase the life of the embroidery machine. Hefeng embroidery machine editor, I would like to introduce the precautions for maintaining the computerized embroidery electromechanical control system. I hope it will be helpful to everyone in computer embroidery work!
1. Remove the dust in the control box: The machine has been used for a period of time, and there is a lot of dust. Cleaning the dust should be cleaned with compressed air and a soft brush. At the same time, the control box must be dry.
2. Check the operation of the electric fan on the case: check whether the electric fan on the case is running and the cooling function is normal, and make adjustments in a timely manner.
3. Wipe and control the oil and debris in the case: Periodically wipe the oil on the case to prevent all kinds of oil from adhering to the case or flowing into the case.
4. Prevent the wear and tear of the keys of the electronically controlled display screen: The electronically controlled display screen is protected regularly to avoid the malfunction and damage of the keys on the display screen.
5. Check the power supply power line of the electric control system: check whether the power supply power line is fixed and connected firmly
6. Periodically check the electrical control peripheral connections: whether the components of the electrical control system are well connected, and whether the insulation of the connection points and connecting cables is intact and without damage.
7. The embroidery machine that is not in use temporarily should be powered on regularly: The embroidery machine that has not been used for a long time should be powered on regularly (it is recommended to power on once every 2 to 3 days), and each power-on lasts for more than 1 hour.
8. If the computer embroidery machine has not been used for a long time: Of course, the computer embroidery machine has not been used for a long time, and it needs to be checked by professional technicians, such as the control box dust, humidity or not, the condition of the grounding wire of the rack, etc.!
Message from electronic control maintenance: A computerized embroidery machine usually costs tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The electronic control system, as the core component of the embroidery machine, plays a vital role in the entire embroidery machine embroidery process. In addition to doing the daily maintenance of the embroidery machine control, choosing a brand embroidery machine manufacturer is also a magic weapon to win in the highly competitive embroidery market! As a high-end embroidery machine brand manufacturer, Hefeng embroidery machine has first-class electrical control system + first-class mechanical system + first-class transmission system, which guarantees the quality and working efficiency of the embroidery machine, and also increases the service life of the machine.