The People's Liberation Army bid farewell to the beret, the new embroidered military uniform military cap is more handsome!


To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of th […]

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the Chinese People's Liberation Army held a military parade in Zhurihe training base. A total of 12,000 officers and soldiers and more than 600 sets of advanced equipment were placed on the battlefield, and they were fully armed for inspection by the party and the people. This is the first military parade with the theme of celebrating the founding of the Army since the founding of New China! Soldiers on the battlefield, red flags flying, iron armor shining, bright swords of the three armies, shocking scenes, magnificent, ninety years of prosperity, a mighty and powerful division. Of course, as the mighty and powerful soldier of the Lions can not be separated from the support of clothing. In the past 90 years, our military uniforms have also changed along with the clothing industry. We have always defended the majesty of military uniforms in our own way and escorted the soldiers! With the approval of the Central Military Commission, from August 1st, our army will uniformly change to wear summer uniforms. This time, the embroidered military uniforms are especially handsome: new fashion and new looks.
Behind their unbelievable beauty is inseparable from the support of the clothing industry. The military uniform is actually the skin of a soldier. The clothing industry has always defended the majesty of the military uniform in its own way and rebuilt glory for the soldier!
2017 new military cap
On August 1st, the Xia Changfu cap was distributed to distinguish between the military and generals, captains, soldiers, and other systems. Men's long-brimmed hats and women's roll-brimmed hats. The original beret was completely removed, and the hat was more solemn and beautiful overall. Because it is a new type of military cap that is matched with the summer uniform, the summer uniform caps of all military services are matched with their summer uniforms.
Compared with the previous berets, the new military uniforms are more coordinated and matched. The materials and color of the hats are the same as those of the summer uniforms, and the dressing effect is greatly improved. The rear hat wall with long brim is designed with three-dimensional mesh and thin hat body. The military hat has the characteristics of sunshade, breathability and comfort. The design highlights the characteristics of our army, and the military cap is generous and handsome!

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