Unique Mother's Day gift


The most unsatisfactory person in the world is the moth […]

The most unsatisfactory person in the world is the mother. Maternal love is the needle and grace is the thread. A little bit of care is like a needle and a thread of embroidery, embroidering a different kind of "picture scroll" for our lives.
When we first entered May, the weather was cold and hot, and it was sunny and raining! Tiangong is not beautiful, but various fashion shows are being held one after another. After reading the fashion show, you should consider buying a summer dress. Of course, the summer dress with embroidery elements leads the trend! Looking at the friends coming and going on the street, are all the supermodel figures envied? What kind of embroidered summer dress to choose will make you become a trendy person in seconds!
The sleeve button design decorates the arm lines, and the clothes are embroidered with embroidery elements, which is more youthful and fashionable! Exquisite heavy industrial water-soluble flowers are displayed on the thin net yarn, beautiful and delicate embroidery, rich and delicate colors! Independent fashion tiger head sequin embroidery pattern, embellished on loose short-sleeved T-shirts, refreshing and personalized! No embroidered patterns are positioned on the skirt. The attractive letters, flowers and stars are scattered on the skirt. The embroidery is exquisite, the patterns are exquisite and embossed, and the visual experience is great. The simple V-neck + half-placket design, coupled with the strong literary embroidery of the aura, is full of noble atmosphere. The flat embroidery process draws various embroidery threads to shuttle between the fabrics. The embroidery is three-dimensional and full and vivid! Round neck five-point sleeve design, retro literary style, wave water-soluble flower embroidery process, delicate and beautiful and considerate to the skin! Strange embroidery, chic and delicate, cute pattern, embellished with small plaid ribbon, 3D three-dimensional sense, smart and cute, with age reduction effect, bring more vitality for summer! The embroidery craft is so beautiful that it fits the fashion, the skirt is beautiful and beautiful, and the sharp and straightforward cutting highlights the urban woman's temperament!
Embroidery is the quintessence of China. It has a long history of production technology. It uses crochet to embroider silk threads, rice beads, tube beads, sequins and other materials with its unique techniques of needle stitching, puncture and arc walking. Come show it!
Computer embroidery is the icing on the cake for traditional embroidery technology. In addition to the more and more exquisite craftsmanship, the efficiency is constantly improving! Of course, this must be achieved by a high-quality computer embroidery machine! After more than ten years of development, Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. has continuously broken through industry bottlenecks in terms of machine quality and technology, and has now become a world-renowned embroidery machine brand.