Watch embroidery, small craft market


The weather is getting hotter and summer is getting clo […]

The weather is getting hotter and summer is getting closer. Hats, short sleeves, skirts, sandals, did everyone turn them out? But do n’t drop our beautiful watches, it ’s time to show off! There are many types of watches on the market today, and the quality varies. I wonder if you have such a small annoyance in choosing a watch in this way. If you choose a watch that is suitable for summer. Embroidery as a fashion trend element, combined with the perfect craftsmanship of the watch, will make the watch no longer a "semi-embracing pipa half-hiding" gesture, which will give you a lot of summer and fashion trends.
Although the watch is just a small accessory, it must be said that the nuances reflect the taste of a person. Wearing a suitable watch will highlight your personal taste. Conversely, wearing an inappropriate watch will cause everyone's embarrassment. Watches can highlight personal taste, and as fashion embroidery has a strong sense of fashion taste when moved to the watch.
Embroidered watches are generally made of three materials. Black or silver silk embroidery shines on soft silk. Ceramic is black embroidery. Stainless steel is silver embroidery. Gold is golden embroidery.
Embroidered strap
Whether the embroidery is good or bad depends not only on the front of the embroidery, but the most important thing is actually on the back of the embroidery. Because the more delicate the more attention to detail, the back of the embroidery shows the pattern of all the threads. If there are many thread ends, it will directly affect the beauty of the back.
The embroidered watch combines traditional embroidery technology with high-tech innovative watchmaking technology. It uses exquisite tempting materials and exquisite ingenious details to decorate sexy and charming embroidered watches, which can better show the embroidery fashion sense and watch quality! Watches are just like clothes. When you attend different occasions, you should match different styles of watches to reflect your good personal taste.
The embroidery watch is a small embroidery craft on the strap or dial. Although it is a small craft, one stitch and one thread, the embroidery is exquisite, deep and delicate, and the stitches are exquisite. The embroidery is vivid, elegant and full of temperament. The price of watches is 200 to 20,000 yuan. This is a segmented market with broad market prospects and is suitable for high-end customers. Compared with other industries, embroidered watches have low investment costs and high benefits. Of course, superb watch embroidery requires a high-quality computer embroidery machine to complete the embroidery on the watch. For the self-employed, this is a rare opportunity. A single-head embroidery machine can complete a beautiful personal custom embroidery watch.