What are the self-maintenance techniques for embroidery machines? (1)


Machine repair must be equipped with tools, a set of 6- […]

Machine repair must be equipped with tools, a set of 6-point wrenches. 8-10, 10-12 wrenches need one. A 35 cm long medium-sized flat-blade screwdriver (1CM wide blade and 0.2-0.3 thickness) is best with iron absorption function. A 20 cm long Phillips screwdriver, with the cross head as small as possible. One vise and one pointed pliers. Pull a needle bar wrench.
1: Color-changing timeout: first use the No. 8 wrench to turn the color-changing case, if it is stuck and cannot be shaken. Check the presser foot and the jumper for any abnormality. If it is normal, press each machine head presser foot by hand to see if the slider is stuck. If you can’t use the wrench, turn it back and forth a few more times and use more force to see which machine head shakes seriously. If you can easily rotate the color-changing box, you are using the computer to change the needle position to see if the color is changed too much. The solution is to remove the side panel of the color change box and adjust the color change angle.
2: Running tricks: If the vehicle often runs tricks in the same position, check whether there are any exposed screws around the frame, or see if the frame hits something lifted. If it is normal, despise the lower frame to see if there is any deformation. If it is deformed, it means that the teeth of the bottom rail belt have been deformed.