What are the self-maintenance techniques for embroidery machines? (2)


1: There is a big difference between yarn and broken th […]

1: There is a big difference between yarn and broken thread. Basically, there are burrs on the surface of the spinner "Use the finest sand skin to polish off" or the needle position is lower. If it still doesn't work after repairing, that's the biggest spin problem. Pay attention to check whether the needle is in the center of the needle plate during counter-rotation. If it has been tilted to the needle plate, the basic needle-board hole has been fluffed. "Look before counter-rotation: Whether the presser foot is deformed or fluffed, Whether the needle reaches the top end of the needle bar. "What do you say about this yarn break? It's simple and simple, and it's not easy and really not easy. Rely on what you usually experience.
2: The parking position is not available: first go to jog, if jog is OK. Then I don't know what the problem is, my 02 computer is the problem, if the jog is still not in place, then whether the machine is heavy by hand. If the machine sends a heavy check to see if the lower scale is always at this degree or does not move, press down all the presser feet to see if there is any head that cannot be pressed. If it can't be pressed, the slider is stuck due to lack of oil. If the engine is heavy but still able to turn, it is because the machine head is short of oil. The solution is to touch the back of the frame with your hand to see which one gets hot. If you can't figure it out, you can only let the machine run, listen carefully to the sound to judge.