What can't be ignored in the leather embroidery of embroidery machine?


Genuine leather embroidery is different from general em […]

Genuine leather embroidery is different from general embroidery. The leather embroidery technology is more meticulous, and the materials required are also special requirements. We need a multifunctional single-head embroidery machine, as well as good embroidery machine padding, white oil, and embroidery needles.
Matters needing attention in embroidering leather craft:
1. litter
Specific litter needed:
(1), 1080 pristine first to second floor
(2), one layer of framed gauze
(3), a piece of wax paper
2. Rub white oil on the epidermis again
3. Needle use
Needle requirements: organ needle, Grotz DB×1×K5; or NK needle, around 9 gauge.
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