What impact does the embroidery machine have on the apparel industry?


Apparel companies are becoming increasingly competitive […]

Apparel companies are becoming increasingly competitive, increasing product research and development efforts, strengthening market operation management, deploying a comprehensive brand strategy, and updating market planning. Guangdong's local apparel companies, which occupy all the time and place, must continue to expand their product lines in line with fashion trends, develop new apparel businesses, and seize market opportunities. Among them, the most promising development is mid-to-high-end embroidery processing. There are many emerging mid- and high-end embroidery, including underwear lace embroidery, anime lace embroidery, wedding dress and dress embroidery, performance clothing embroidery, etc. At present, these embroidery products have relatively low competitiveness, high unit price, high requirements for computer embroidery quality, creativity and Design is more important, and as more people with good economic conditions, such as celebrities, socialites, and white-collar workers in big cities, demand more and more, high-end unique embroidery will also be accepted by more people.

Embroidery customization can be operated for a full range of product types, and has a broad development space. "Custom" was originally tailored for individual customers. With the development of the times, the meaning of "custom" has gradually been enriched. Customized products cater to people's psychology of pursuing quality and individuality, and also form personalized consumption in a true sense. No matter what the customized object is, there is a same soul, that is, consumers participate in the process of product production.
The era of personalized computer embroidery customization is gradually starting. Now whether it is industrial products, electronic products, daily consumer products and other specific products or consulting, services, cultural products and other abstract products, large and small categories are moving towards customization. Compared with clothing, computer embroidery as a processing technology is not a specific product. However, computer embroidery processing business has gradually become an important way for apparel manufacturers, apparel companies, brand apparel studios and other enterprises to increase their products.
In recent years, it has developed rapidly, with rich experience in embroidery technology and a group of excellent employees, specializing in the production of mid-to-high-end clothing embroidery processing and personalized embroidery customization. Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical&Electrical Co.,Ltd. helps customers solve all aspects of mechanical operation, maintenance and troubleshooting with the concepts of integrity, efficiency, precision research and development, and quality assurance, providing merchants with novel embroidery and pattern-making services and promoting embroidery Variety.
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