What is the difference between three-dimensional flocking?


Flocking embroidery is a special method of embroidery. […]

Flocking embroidery is a special method of embroidery. Traditionally, "flocking" is a very common and widely used technology. The highlight of the "flock flocking" embroidery machine is the word "embroidery", which is different from the traditional "flock flocking" technology and different from ordinary embroidery machines. Mingdao embroidery machine can cut ordinary embroidery thread to a certain height and plant it on the fabric. "Flock embroidery" can create a very "three-dimensional" thread velvet embroidery pattern, with bright colors and soft feel like velvet; the visual three-dimensional impact and texture are harmoniously coordinated and dissolved into one.
The embroidery machine adopts an advanced computer control system. Through the pattern design of the computer, the flocking embroidery machine can embroider various lively, dynamic and decorative patterns. It is widely used in clothing decoration, home textile embroidery, shoe and hat pattern embroidery, toys , Gifts and other embroidery.
The difference between flocking and embroidery is the difference between "dot" and "line". All embroidery machines generally use stitches to embroider thread by thread, while flocking embroiders rely on points, rooted on the basic fabric, and the three-dimensional effect is obvious.
Three-dimensional, clear
By reserving different cutting thread lengths, flocking embroidery can be created by the designer according to the pattern and product needs. The three-dimensional shape of different lengths, the root of the embroidery thread is straight and silky, and the clear pattern is highlighted.
Flexibility, texture
The flocking embroidered soft belt is rigid, firm in texture, soft and delicate in feel, elastic, washable and kneading resistant.
Firm and detailed
The flocking embroidery is fixed by the bottom thread through the fabric, and it is unmatchedly reliable. It will not fall off; the density of the thread can be adjusted within the range of 0.08 mm, and the essence of the pattern can be expressed accurately and accurately.
Exquisite and light
Through the perfect combination of the colors of different embroidery threads, face, thread and point, it expresses the designer's intention with an unprecedented lightness and exquisite effect, and can be flexibly applied to various clothing and home textile products.
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