What is the fixing method of patch embroidery in the embroidery machine version?


How can a perfect embroidered garment be unique and att […]

How can a perfect embroidered garment be unique and attractive, a simple piece of fabric, and then through various embroidery production techniques of the embroidery machine, you can make the fabric unique.

How to fix patch embroidery is reasonable? There are different methods according to the different fabrics:
1. For blankets or flashings, the contrast between the embroidery thread and the appliqué will not be too great, you can directly single needle or back and forth single needle (note that it is generally at half the width of the edge, the back and forth needle is best fixed, do not overlap, the first The second track should be closer to the inside); for flashing with three or five stitches, it is best to walk with a single stitch and embroider.
2. Plain cloth, this kind of fabric may mainly lose yarn. You can use the E-shaped needle or the single needle with a point nail to fix it first, and then use the single needle to fix it on the inner side of the bag, and then use the giant The tooth shape (triangle needle) is fixed, generally speaking, it is foolproof.
3. Knitting, the main problem of this kind of fabric is shrinkage, so you should try to get close to the edge when applying the outer frame of the cloth. It is generally 0.3-0.5MM away from the outer edge of the edge. It can be played in the middle of the edge when fixing. Move the needle, and then fix it with a triangular needle.

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