What is three-dimensional embroidery? How to embroider 3D embroidery?


Three-dimensional embroidery is a kind of embroidery. A […]

Three-dimensional embroidery is a kind of embroidery. As the name suggests, it uses embroidery thread to wrap EVA rubber inside to form a three-dimensional effect pattern. 3D three-dimensional embroidery uses foam to embroider, making the embroidery badge (embroidery) look three-dimensional The embroidery method is a kind of DIY embroidery that expresses or reflects the three-dimensional effect of the object according to the design steps and the design requirements of the three-dimensional embroidery drawings. Three-dimensional embroidery and cross-stitch are both DIY embroidery. The main difference is that cross-stitch is a flat hand embroidery, while three-dimensional embroidery is a three-dimensional concept, so three-dimensional embroidery is a sublimation based on the continuation of cross-stitch.The three-dimensional embroidery has a stronger three-dimensional visual enjoyment; a richer aesthetics for home decoration effects; it is a more elegant and more humane gift, DIY boutique.