What should I do if the computer embroidery machine is always broken? (1)


There are many factors that affect the disconnection. T […]

There are many factors that affect the disconnection. To make the disconnection less, the machine must be parked horizontally and smoothly, and the jitter during operation must be small; the spindle rotation must be light; the gap between the parts must be small; the installation position of each component must be accurate (references The parameters of the points are correct); the passages and holes should be smooth; the following are some of the more common reasons for disconnection:
1. Needle
a) The smoothness of the needle is not enough, the needle groove and hole are not well polished, and the needle tip is blunt;
b) The needle is bent or not installed properly;
c) The installation angle of the needle is wrong, the thread-passing groove is not in the front, it is too far to the left or right, or the thread-passing groove is on the back;
d) There are attachments (such as glue) in the pinhole;
e) The position of the needle clamp screw is wrong, it should be about 40 degrees to the right on the front;
2. Line
a) The quality of the line is poor, the strength is not enough, too hard, too brittle, and there are too many joints on the line tower;
b) If the direction of rotation is wrong, apply a left-handed line;
c) The tension of the thread is too large;
d) The line is out of the line;
e) The thread does not match the needle size.