What will the embroidery plate makers who have “the power of the wilderness”?


Observation picture As an embroidery plate maker, the f […]

Observation picture
As an embroidery plate maker, the first contact is the picture, then what kind of picture will eventually produce the effect of the plate making? This requires us to study the picture. Understand the form of pictures, patterns, map distribution, format color and other related information. For example, the five-pointed star, such as the distribution of details in the figure, such as how many white stars in the American flag, a few red, etc., carefully observe the details of the picture will have a multiplier effect on the plate making process, and will not appear magnified version I don’t know what to expect.
The use of the needle method and the application of special needle method
Usually some of the needles are probably known to everyone. It is nothing more than some commonly used flat needles, tatami and so on. So under what circumstances are these needles used? It is recommended that you can use a flat bag needle without tatami. This is to save time, to facilitate embroidery, and the effect is not bad. The letters are usually flat needles, and the filling is usually done with tatami and large area stitches. What is the special needle method? For example, when doing a foreign order. Often encounter some things like boats, anchors, etc. The rope around it can be handled with a small pattern of stitches.
Color matching
Color matching should be an important part of the plate making process. In the process of making the plate, sometimes the customer does not mark the color requirements and let them play. In this case, you must know how to match colors. For example, a stamp similar to a landscape, the sky above is definitely blue, the clouds are white, the sun is yellow, the green grass is green, and the green is green. The tree, and the tree stem is brown, and the flower is red, and the flying line is a white geese. If you want to type a letter on it, then the color of the letter will generally be distinguished from the color used in the previous one to increase the contrast of the color, so that the whole version will be very clear.
Reasonable use of needle density
About the use of density. Then you have to say what material it is embroidered. The usual density is 0.4-0.5. In special cases such as linen, the density of the stitches should be denser. Because the needle method will penetrate into the fabric when it is embroidered, it will not only be neat and tidy, but also have a jagged and unsightly effect. Then embroidered on the dense weave. The density can be slightly relaxed. For example, satin can be used around 0.5-0.6. Denim can be a little more dense. Can be used around 0.3-0.4. There is also a case where, for example, some small letters are made on the already finished embedding. Then the small letter density can be around 0.5. For example, when making leather, the density can be about 0.5-0.6. (According to the thickness of each line factory, the appropriate density is adjusted reasonably)
Needle method, the use of the bottom line
The use of the bottom line is related to the material of the fabric. In the case of rough cloth. The bottom line should be more. To stabilize the fabric, so that the surface line produced, the surface effect is good. Not to be jagged. Then in the case of dense weaving. The use of the bottom line can be used less, because embroidered on dense weaving, the bottom line will produce wrinkles, dew lines and so on. Usually in the case of large area filling. The stitching of the bottom line can be between 0.3 and 0.4. If it is a small letter, a bottom line is enough.
Lock pin
The lock pin is a very important part of the flower version. If you have the habit of locking the needle, then it is definitely a good habit. This may be overlooked for friends who are doing domestic orders. So under what circumstances does the lock pin work? For example, when you make a large letter, the stitching is longer. If there is no lock stitch at this time, the off-line may occur. Will affect the effect of the version. When locking the needle, lock the needle before the thread is trimmed. This is to make the machine have a pressure or tension on the thread when embroidering. At this time, the thread is also cut to prevent the thread from coming off. In short, the lock line is to prevent off-line.
Check and modify the flower version
After finishing the flower version, the next step is to conduct a comprehensive check on the pattern you just made. How much is the stitch from the bottom line. What fabric is used, what density. The stitch used by the needle method. Check if the edge of the package will be exposed. The bottom line of the thin needle has no offset or the like. Also check for small things that are missing, such as a dot, punctuation, letters, etc.

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