When I met in September, the military training came with an "embroidery" style


In September, the weather began to cool. The military t […]

In September, the weather began to cool. The military training of the new students has begun again! Military training, the initial experience of college admission is wearing a camouflage uniform, a waistband armed belt, and wearing a military cap. However, when I received the military training uniform this year, I found that it was a bit different. It turned out that you are such a military training uniform - embroidery military training uniform!
Everyone must be very curious! How many school military training suits changed style this year, why didn't you continue the previous camouflage uniforms as military training suits? Nowadays, the 00 generations continue to go to high school and college. They pay more attention to personality and fashion, and the fashion elements military training uniforms are of course favored! The special military training hat embroidery is especially obvious. The hat adopts Logo embroidery, exquisite workmanship, strong stereoscopic effect, good quality, simple tactical trend style, and the image of the tough guy is fully exposed! The brand embroidery machine can embroider high-quality embroidery products, and the high-efficiency embroidery process of one stitch and one line makes the badge full of three-dimensional sense, highlighting the military power of the military!
Foreign trade wars between China and the United States are in full swing. There are new social security guarantees in the country and a series of corporate environmental protection measures. The production and export of enterprise products are hindered. How to break through the existing corporate dilemma? Enterprises should change their development ideas, especially for garment and home textile enterprises, which need to be transformed and upgraded, reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency, and have high-quality products to be competitive in the market. The first choice is definitely embroidery products. Unlike printing and jacquard, embroidery is more environmentally friendly, with high added value and great market potential. For example, ordinary fabric embroidery is only a few yuan less, clothing embroidery is actually a few hundred, the profit is amazing!
Recently, the TV series "Yanlan Raiders" has been well received both at home and abroad. The embroidery elements that appear all the time in the drama are favored by the fans and bring a piece of embroidery heat. It is undeniable that a delicate embroidery requires the help of a high-quality embroidery machine. Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical&Electrical Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned embroidery machine brand, serving high-end embroidery service customers in the world with high-quality embroidery machines, helping customers to be in an invincible position in the fierce domestic and international markets, and helping companies to get out. A road to high quality development!

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