Where to learn computer embroidery plate?


Buying tutorials for self-study, this is the most prefe […]

Buying tutorials for self-study, this is the most preferred choice for many embroidery plate-making students in order to save time and money, but this is also the most failed student, because there is no learning atmosphere, no direct guidance from the teacher, a little doubt in the study can not be Timely unraveling, this has a great impact on follow-up learning, and enters deeper learning problems and troubles. In addition, there are also how to arrange the embroidery order reasonably, how to embroider flowers, how to draw beautiful painting, how to The deformation of the flower-shaped outer contour pattern, how to properly arrange the needle, what place to use what stitches is more tangled, and there is shrinkage deformation makes people not sure, what fabric with how much density, how to operate plus function, how to remove Function, the version that is made is always broken needle break, flower shape deformation is serious and so on, which requires people to be smart and patient, in order to learn all the embroidery plate making skills.
Go to the plate-making center to learn from the master. This kind of situation is also the choice of many people. Some students may think that these masters have a high level of play, and they must be masters. However, due to cultural restrictions, these pattern makers are usually busy with the work of making plates. There is not much time to study teaching methods and teaching techniques as well as the functions of pattern-making software. Many card makers do not have a very thorough function of the software. They generally only master the functions. 40 to 60 percent of the 60 orders, another is that the versionmaster will not say, the language ability is poor, can not let the students quickly understand what the teacher said, the master is very smooth, but teach people Learning has no good patience; the second is because the daily work is very busy, the customers come to the version, the customer urgent version and other reasons. This requires students to be smarter, more comprehensible, and more teachers.
Go to a specialized professional training institution. This kind of learning method is quick to get started, and the learning effect is good. It can quickly grasp the pattern-making skills that can't be found when you are self-study. The pattern is beautiful. Because of the less detours, less time is wasted, because there are teachers who teach hands. And face-to-face guidance, can systematically multi-faceted computer embroidery plate making skills, inaccurate pattern-making methods can be corrected by the teacher in a timely manner, various operating procedures error problems encountered during the pattern-making process, and time-embroidered proofing Various deformation displacement problems are solved. For some very graphic how to draw beautiful, how to arrange the needle is reasonable, how to make the stitch density more reasonable, how to reduce the embroidery deformation, how to make the edging not easy to dislocate. However, in general, the training institutions are uneven, and the fees are generally expensive. Due to the large number of trainers, it is impossible to train the teacher to teach, and the theoretical knowledge is relatively high, and the hands-on ability is relatively poor, which takes a long time.
Go to the embroidery machine factory to learn. Some of the friends who are just engaged in embroidery machines, perhaps the owner of the embroidery machine factory or the proprietress, bought the machine at the embroidery machine factory, and they will choose to go to the company to learn the embroidery pattern-making technology. There are a large number of functional machines in the embroidery machine factory. There are professional pattern-making masters and repairing machine maintenance personnel. You can make a series of professional knowledge from the original computer to the original embroidery machine maintenance. Only students, like multi-question, multi-learning, multi-enlightenment and strong hands-on ability, must learn the computerized embroidery version of the professional knowledge is very solid.
Of course, where to learn the embroidery pattern-making technology, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze and choose the place where the computer embroidery is played according to the basic knowledge of the personal computer and the ability of the machine to operate. Hefeng Embroidery Machine provides professional embroidery machine training for every customer who buys embroidery machine, so that customers can master computer embroidery knowledge and operate computer embroidery machine flexibly. It can really make business bigger and more profit through embroidery machine.

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