MD-cap embroidery machine

MD-cap embroidery machine

1.MD-cap embroidery machine compact mixed flat ,garment , cap embroidery in one. 
2.Sequin / cording device install on machine as option. 
3.High speed , max speed can reach to 1200rpm.
4.Pantograph driving accept imported linear guide , and its using life more longer. 
5.Tube preventing thread let embroiderying out of interference. 
6.Under thread lock system as option , it let cutter more stable , and avoid off thread .


MD-Cap Embroidery Machine Technology Parameters

Model Needles Heads Embroidery area Dimension
CMD901-A 9-15 1 400x450 1100x1000x1500
CMD901-B 9-15 1 390x260 1000x930x760
CMD902 9-15 2 400x450 1700x1350x1500
CMD904 9-15 4 400x450 2700x1350x1500
CMD906 9-15 6 400x450 3500x1350x1560
CMD908 9-15 8 400x450 4300x1350x1560
CMD910 9-15 10 400x450 6100x1430x1600
CMD912 9-15 12 400x450 6900x1430x1600


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