MD-flat embroidery machine

MD-flat embroidery machine


1.High precision semi high speed embroidery machine , Max speed up to 1000rpm/min 
2.Main axle and XY take full servo motor .
3.Adopt upper thread holding device
4.Solenoid cutter system 
5.Dedicated balance blocks reduce machine vibration , it ensure the machine running more stable and greatly reduce the breakage rate .
6.New type of integrated frame improve embroidery accuracy .
7. Single sequin/twin sequin/ /cording / beading device as optional .



High Speed Flat Embroidery Machine Technology Parameters

Dahao 528 LED screen

Storage One hundred million stitches ,800pcs design
Main motor Dahao 2.5kw servo motor Voltage 3 phase 380V/1 phase 220V
XY motor Dahao 1.5kw servo motor Design input USB input
Body Bridge/floor type as option Stitch longer 0.1mm-12.7mm
Head system Single cam double reciprocator  Oil system Manual /automatic as option
Jump system

Solenoid jump

Air pump option
Cutter system

Solenoid cutter system

Broken detection Intelligent
Thread holding


Power 1.5KW-5KW
Hook Original Japanese hook Device option Sequin/cording/beading
Color change system Linear color change Max speed 1000rpm
*Specifications can be customized according to customer needs .


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